Why Work with Laura?

What have my clients said?

“The June Whole30 group was a game changer for me. This was my second round of the program and it helped me get back to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. My eating habits and sugar intake have changed significantly since joining the program. Laura was an incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and motivating coach. She offered great advice on meal prepping, food alternatives, grocery shopping, must-haves from Trader Joe’s, and tons of recipes! Laura’s guidance and daily motivation really helped me take control of my eating habits and make better food choices. This program, along with the support of your coach, will shift your relationship with food and will have you feeling your best. I’m excited to join another round of Whole30!”


“I have been through 5 rounds of Whole30. It was the last round that everything really clicked. The amazing Laura coached my final round. Her guidance catapulted me into a deeper understanding of food freedom. It was wonderful getting to know Laura and the group of women supporting each other. Whole30 gave me my life back. 46 lbs and 34 inches!”

-Carolyn Vento