Cleaner Beauty, Safer Skincare

When I began focusing more on what I put into my body, I also started paying attention to what I put on my body. There are plenty of natural personal care options out there, but Beautycounter is my absolute favorite because it is not only safer for your body, but it performs incredibly well. Here are some of my favorite products:


Overnight resurfacing peel

Step one: Apply one pump at night under your moisturizer.

Step two: Wake up with brighter, more even skin!

Tint Skin hydrating foundation

I am not a fan of heavy makeup. This foundation really hydrates my skin and feels lightweight, but it’s buildable for a night out! It also comes in 8 shades for all skin tones.



Brilliant brow gel

Eyebrows can completely transform the look of your face! This is a brand new product, and I’m already in love. As with all Beautycounter products, a little goes a long way, so go easy!

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